Here's a bunch of stuff that's good to know if you are the proud owner of your very own Buddha Bike.

1. What to expect from your bike


All our bikes are different: They've had different owners and lives, and so they are in different conditions when they arrive at our workshop. We repair and set them up to be good and reliable bikes again – but of course, there is a natural balance between price and overall quality.


If your bike has cost you no more than 1.000 DKK there probably aren't many new parts on it, but it has been tested for driving and it follows all legal standards. If you, on the other hand, have purchased yourself an Original it exclusively has new parts on it, and so, you can expect a longer lifespan and an overall higher quality for the higher price.

2. Your advantages and rights


If you've bought a Buddha Bike, and you choose to become part of the members club you have earned yourself some advantages:


  • You get a 20% discount on fixes and repairs on the bike for the rest of its life.

  • You get a free service check-up of the bike within the first two months of purchase.


But no matter what you also have a two-year warranty according to Danish law – called reklamationsret


In short, this means that within two years of purchasing a  product it shouldn't break or stop functioning due to errors that were present at the time of purchase. This law does not distinguish between new or second-hand items. But do notice that it is not considered an error present at the time of purchase that the bike is second hand. This means that when we, in consideration of the environment and a low price, sell a second-hand bike with tires that are 30% worn out it is not an error that falls under this law of warranty, but a part of the deal and the price.

3. Good advice on how to keep your Buddha Bike well-maintained


All bikes need to be maintained – no matter if they cost 1.000 or 5.000 DKK. It takes a toll on any bike if you: Ride it a lot, don't ride it for a long while, or if it's often parked outside in the Danish weather. Curbs, heavy carrying, and breaking also wear it out. In other words, it is absolutely inevitable that you have to maintain your bike if you have one. 


On that note, try to: 


  • Keep your tires well-pumped

  • Shift your gears regularly if you have them

  • Keep your chain and lock well-lubricated.


But if you can't handle all of this yourself, make sure that you have a mechanic do it instead – at least every six months. That way we guarantee two things: Your bike lasts longer, and your maintenance bill stays smaller. 



Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us on either +45 5387 2002 or

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