Short Jan

Short Jan is the name of our version of a classic Short John. A bike built with both recycling and a fantastic result in mind.

We will often have a few standing but as a rule Short Jans are built by order and according to your wishes.

Here you will find information about this process.


Special orders are different from what you are used to. This is not a standard assembly-line product.


The bike takes time to make. You will need to decide what you want and spend time talking to us to get the perfect result.


n the absence of a monotonous standard product, price is also variable. Not at least because we invite you to tell us how you want it built.


Typically, Shorte Jan ends up costing between DKK 5,500 and 8,500.

Frame and Lacquer

Start by deciding if you yourself have a fun old steel frame that we should start with. And whether it should be painted.


Proper bicycle paint is powder coating and it is an expensive affair. It also makes a big difference to the look and protects the frame.

Korte Jan short john