An extreme cargobike 

A customer enters Buddha Bikes and asks:

"I have this 750W motor, a regular cruiser bike and a Nihola charger. Do you want to merge the three things into one bike?"


Buddha Bikes mechanic answers:

"Have you become completely rattling crazy !? After all, it will be a cyclist's monster truck on drugs, and about as illegal to drive in traffic! Okay, you convinced us."

We may have taken some editorial liberties in the above quotes, but it is good enough: We were asked to build a very special cargo bike. Our work consisted of 2 parts. The first task was to remove the rear part of the Nihola cargo bike and replace it with a cruiser bike. It was cut and welded. Steering, securing and bracing were built. The goal was to make a cargo bike with a very comfortable and laid-back riding position. And we succeeded.

Such a bike is very, very heavy, and quite inefficient to ride. This was what our customer had thought of, and thus had acquired a powerful electric bicycle system. Adapting a regular bicycle to a center-motor bike is temporarily not something you "just do". They had to be cut and welded again, and new solutions had to be found. 


The result was a very powerful and excruciatingly well-run cargo bike. Of course, it also got a seat from a motorcycle. It may have been run a little more test-runs before handing over than was necessary. 

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