Our Short John is called "Short Jan"

It looks like a Short John, but is far from it. The common denominator is the good ability to load heavily, and still ride like a regular bike. The classic Short John is a very heavy bike, and we wanted a much faster, lighter and much smoother bike that can still load your heavy goods easily.

The result was the bicycle "Korte Jan" . A bicycle of our own design, with at least 50% lower CO2 consumption in production compared to a similar bicycle. Scroll down and read about genuine Danish and sustainable production, and see the result here:



This project started out as most do: How can we use these materials and avoid throwing them out? In Buddha Bikes, we receive a lot of old 26" junior bikes and old mountain bikes that are hard to sell in their original form. 

The frames on these bikes are often steel and quite sturdy. And steel is easy to work with. By simply cutting, welding and using 30-40cm. of a new 4130-steel pipe, we can make a new frame out of the old, but in a different geometry. The spare parts we put on are newly manufactured, so we are not talking about a CO2-free product. But 50% less than a similar bike. And then it's better (we think so - come by and judge for yourself). Below you can see pictures from the process.

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