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New bikes on original frames. Newly varnished or raw. A bike that reduces your CO2-footprint with 40-50%, when you buy it. The bikes and the prices are different, and some of them might already be sold, but click on the pictures and see more examples.

Original Classic

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Original Sport

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Original Raw

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Broad chain in stainless steel for maximum durability.


Gear trigger
Sturmey Archer's stylish and durable trigger. Unless you choose the non-cable, naturally.



The tires are important. They are after all the only part of the bike that touches the ground. Continental Contact Plus or Schwalbe Marathon Plus are the best solution if you want to avoid punctures. If you find speed and progress more important, you should choose a lighter tire.






Crank set and fenders

Truvativ crank set and a beautiful, light chain guard in polished aluminum - no more plastic, right?







A regular, black saddle, an original leather saddle from Brooks or maybe something else you'd like.



Double walled aluminum rims. Narrow or wide, black or glossy.


Service, discount and all the extra 

A free checkup of the entire bike within two months of purchase, and you get 20% discount on all repairs on the bike, as long as you own it.

And we have Hövding bike airbags, Abus helmets, locks, lights and a lot of other equipment.


You can either bring your own framework/old bike or a raw and original framework. You can also have a newly varnished, original framework (+700 kr. + 5 kg. CO2)


We recommend durable platform pedals with enclosed bearings and a CrMo-shaft.



Sturmey Archer 3 speed system in an aluminum casing. Or maybe a thoroughly renovated Torpedo 3-speed system. That's the best gear-system in the world if you ask us. You can also have a 2-speed kick-back system with no cables. Naturally, we do also have the simple solution of a 1-speed system. 





Sturmey Archer coaster brake and drum brake, also in an aluminum casing. Chosen for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance. Alternatively, you can also choose a powerful rim racer break from Shimano, if you wish for a better effect. 



Brake lever

Avid brake levers: Pretty, strong, reliable and with a nice and smooth feeling. 



Broad, strong cogwheels and with a blade of steel.


Find your bicycle again if stolen

There are ways for you to track your bike if someone steals it, and many stolen bikes does not end up in Eastern Europe but in a bush 5 kilometers from the crime scene. We know that, because we've sold bikes with tracking, and happy people have told us, how they found there stolen bike. And it does not have to be an expensive solution. On the contrary, you will probably save a lot of money. 

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