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The belief in a second chance is something we have transferred to people, and so we create courses for vulnerable youths in collaboration with the Askov Foundation.


The able and willing are given an apprenticeship with union-approved pay and we educated them as bicycle mechanics. We are proud of pulling these good individuals out of the system and make them just as cyclofile, fanatic and geeky around the two-wheeled as we are ourselves.


Buddha Bikes manages the technical education of the apprenticeship and we pay the salary, this is where work is done and the community is created.



Become an Apprentice


Not everyone can get an apprenticeship in Buddha Bikes since we are reserved to the youths we need it the most. Beyond that, we require dedication beyond the usual.


Read more about the rules of the education here


You must be under 30 years of age and on state support to apply. We begin our courses with a practical period where we assess you and vice versa. This is where you decide if you really want to work with bikes in the most awesome environment and we see if can meet on time, learn be stable demonstrate the attitude we are looking for with will and enthusiasm. 


In return, we will give you an education in bicycle mechanics on the highest level. Your tutor will be extremely experienced and we pursue to educate the best mechanics in the country in relation to commuter bikes and retro bikes. We refurbish second-hand bikes all day long and that requires a lot of work and skill. Much more than when fixing small issues on nearly new bikes. As an apprentice, you need to learn bicycle systems from the last 50 years. But no worries, there will also be time for carbon racers and MTBs.

The Askov Foundation have more than 70 years of experience with efforts for vulnerable youths and all of our apprentices have a connected social worker in Askov. There is always someone to help with authorities, rules, debt, searching for a home and abuse guidance. 

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