Cheap and used bikes


We build a lot of common, simple and functional bikes from 1100 dkk and upwards.


Great transport-animals that aren't anything special, but they are perfectly functional and are fixed well by our mechanics. In the gallery you can see examples of bikes that we've reincarnated, and most of them are most likely already with their new owner.

As the title says, these bikes are ind the far end of cheap bikes. And that's why the demand is as high as it is. We rarely have enough of them.

Give us a call on 53 87 20 02 or come by our shop if you're looking for anything specific.

Make a wish!

What do you get when you buy a Buddha Bike?

A good second hand bike for a very good price, refurbished by some of the most skilled mechanics in Copenhagen.

The option of becoming a member of our customer club for free, which gives you 20% lifetime discount on repairs on your Buddha Bike. 

Buying a product in the shop, second hand or new means that Danish law protects you and gives you the right to get certain issues fixed for free within 2 years. This is called "reklamationsret" and basically means that we need to make proper products.

You get a free full service of the bike within 2 months of purchase.

You contribute to a trend of keeping stuff functioning instead adding to a trend of constantly buying new stuff and thus adding to the ongoing environmental disaster.

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December 21st. - January 1st.

Both days included.


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