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Buddha Bikes is first and foremost a bike shop with bikes made from recycled materials, refurbished secondhand bikes, and people with a fanatic love for bikes. But we are also indicated.


The Danes purchase on average 1370 bicycles a day. A European produced bicycle costs 223 kgs of CO2. We can do something about this consumption that is the way we refurbish and build secondhand bikes all day long, and sell them to all of you who would also like to put an end to the waste. 


The belief in a second chance is something we have transferred to people, and so we create courses for vulnerable youths in collaboration with the Askov Foundation. The able and willing are given an apprenticeship with union-approved pay and we educated them as bicycle mechanics. We are proud of pulling these good individuals out of the system and make them just as cyclofile, fanatic and geeky around the two-wheeled as we are ourselves.     

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Buddha Bikes wants to be nationally known for our activistic bike-love and our effort to change an unsustainable consume-and-waste culture, both on accounts of materials and people. Every bike must be used as a resource and we will create new bikes out of old ones. The bicycle production will also serve as an inclusive bicycle mechanic education of the highest standard and as a way out of the authorities social system.

Where are the bikes from?


We get our old bikes from the police. When a bike is left at the train station or in a backyard it lost the property. Some are sold at police auctions but most require 3-4 hours of technical labor before they are sellable. Therefore most lost-property bikes used to be thrown away. Now we take care of the old steel and provide it with new life.

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Buddha Bikes is an RSV - Registered Socio-economic company, at the state Social Agency and Business Agency. This requires that we have a social purpose, are independent of public funds, are inclusive, responsible and that we wont withdraw funds out of the company. Read more on socialvirksomhed.dk

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December 21st. - January 1st.

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